Creating an MDRT culture with your team

Setting benchmarks that standardize excellence.

Creating an MDRT culture with your team

When advisors join the agency, Lam Pui Ka immediately encourages them to set their sights on qualifying for MDRT. She sees this as a minimum benchmark to be considered a professional advisor.

“Whoever joins our agency, we will ensure they will achieve MDRT,” said Lam, an MDRT member from Selangor, Malaysia. “And in fact this is the minimum benchmark for them. There’s also Court of the Table and Top of the Table to achieve.”

“If you’re not ready for MDRT, then don’t join our agency,” Lam tells new advisors.

Setting MDRT membership as a benchmark is just the first step Lam takes in creating an MDRT culture. She uses the MDRT Code of Ethics to emphasize the need to prioritize clients’ needs and interests before anything else. “Even before their commissions,” she said. “Because commission will come, but the most important thing is the value you add for your client.”

Lam also explains the MDRT Whole Person concept and each of its seven pillars to her team members. This is often the area that needs the most emphasis for new advisors, who can often lose sight of balancing work, family and self in their drive to succeed.

“It actually kills their possibility for a good life if they don’t have this balance,” Lam said. “You must have time for your loved ones, your marriage, your children, your health, spirituality, charity. I talk about the MDRT Foundation and explain how I work with them because that allows me to give back.”

Lam also shares with them her own experience from 2018, when she was struggling to reach her Court of the Table goal. She attended the MDRT Experience and Global Conference that year and shared her frustration with a couple of other members. They offered strategies to help her, but also told her quitting wasn’t the MDRT way.

“They said, ‘Kaka, if you’ve already given up, this Global Conference is not meant for you. This conference is for those people who never give up,’” Lam remembers. “This moved my heart and I realized I can go far. But if I give up before even trying, that means I haven’t tried my best. They taught me that, and now I teach my agents.”

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