Surround Yourself

with Success

Registration Is Simple

  • Once a year, all members will receive registration information in their emails.

  • Study groups of 4-6 members, along with one leader will be created.

  • You can choose to be a participant or leader.

  • If you miss registration, send an email to and you’ll be assigned to a group as one becomes available.

It Takes Time to Build a Leader

  • We suggest meeting with your group monthly for 60 to 90 minutes.

  • Leaders will facilitate meetings and receive monthly discussion guides from the MDRT Center.

  • Follow the guides or brainstorm with your group to set up unique discussion topics.

Speak Freely, Think Boldly

  • Study groups are meant to encourage open discussion and collaboration.

  • All group discussions are private and unpublished.

Meet Up in Person

  • Monthly study group meetings are virtual, but you can meet up at an MDRT Event.

  • Members can meet in person at the MDRT Center reception at either the MDRT Annual Meeting or Global Conference.